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Lupus 3 dark cloud

From darkness comes the light

Dark nebula is the birthplace of new stars.

Artist's impression of a planet circling a red dwarf star

Billions of super-Earths “out there”

Our galaxy’s faint red stars are thought to harbour billions of planets only slightly bigger than Earth.

The Omega Nebula

Gallery: The Omega Nebula

One of the Milky Way’s youngest and most active stellar nurseries for massive stars.

Artist's impression of the European Extremely Large Telescope

World’s biggest telescope a step closer

Work to commence on European Extremely Large Telescope site in Chile.

"Vampire star" devouring its companion

“Vampire star” devouring its companion

Best-ever images of a binary system with one star cannibalising the other.

Fried Egg Nebula

Fried Egg nebula home to hypergiant

Rare class of ‘yellow hypergiant’ star lives at the centre of this weird nebula.

Over 50 new planets discovered

Over 50 new planets discovered

Record planet-haul turns up dozens of new exoplanets, including 16 ‘super-Earths’.

Galaxies NGC 4438 and NGC 4435

Galaxy gazing with The Eyes

Odd couple of the galaxy world shows signs of damage from close encounters.

High and dry – Astronomy in the Atacama

High and dry – Astronomy in the Atacama

World’s largest observatory complex is located in the remote Chilean desert. This video explains why…

Galaxy NGC 3521

Gallery: A fluffy galaxy

NGC 3521 has patchy spiral arms, making it good example of a ‘flocculent’ galaxy.