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Rosetta parent craft, descending to the comet.

Philae has landed

Following a 10-year voyage across 510 million kilometres of empty space, Europe’s Philae robot has landed on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

SOHO coronograph image of a CME

GALLERY: Solar blast

The Sun has unleashed a huge eruption of plasma, or coronal mass ejection, spotted by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory spacecraft.

Artist's concept of the joint Orion/ATV module in Earth orbit

Europe/NASA join forces for next step

European service module will power NASA’s crew module on deep space missions.

Transit of Venus with an aircraft in the field of view

Venus transit – get a live view from the Arctic

Transit of Venus live coverage to come from Spitzbergen island in the Norwegian arctic.

Artist's concepts of Spitzer, Planck and Kepler

Three space missions extended

Kepler, Spitzer and Planck telescopes get extra time in space.

Hermes spaceplane

Space foil helps build safer cars

Spin-off sensor technology from spaceplane research is now used in car crash tests.

Journey to the Sun!

Journey to the Sun!

Risky mission will get up close and personal with our nearest star. Watch the video…

Herschel telescope reveals invisible cosmos

Herschel telescope reveals invisible cosmos

Most powerful infrared space telescope studies some of the coldest objects in space.

Tribute to the shuttle

Tribute to the shuttle

European astronauts pay tribute to the amazing space shuttle. Watch the video…

Dealing with space hazards

Dealing with space hazards

How to protect against space junk, solar storms and dangerous asteroids? Watch the video…