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Comet Harley 2

Video of comet fly-by

NASA has released a short video of Friday’s EPOXI mission fly-by of Comet Hartley 2.

Comet Hartley 2

Close-up look at a comet

NASA spacecraft gets up close and personal with an unusual comet.

Artist's concept of Deep Impact encounter

Encounter with a comet

NASA’s EPOXI mission is hurtling toward a rendezvous with Comet Hartley 2

Comet Hartley 2 seen by the EPOXI mission

Second life: comet mission continues

NASA’s recycled Deep Impact spacecraft has started to close in on Comet Hartley 2.

Artist's impression of Deep Impact and comet Tempel 1

Comet probe pays visit to Earth

EPOXI makes Sunday fly-by of Earth to pick up speed for comet encounter