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Orion Nebula

Weekly space gallery for January 18, 2014

We bring you the latest amazing astronomy and space exploration images from around the cosmos.

MSL image of Mount Sharp

Mars: sharp image of Mount Sharp

Remarkable new panorama of mountain on Mars, and the ultimate aim for NASA’s Curiosity rover.

Curiosity Spotted on Parachute by Orbiter

Curiosity spotted from above

Incredible image snapped by a NASA orbiter, showing Curiosity descending under its parachute.

Image of Mars from the Curiosity rover

Curiosity rover lands on Mars

Following a perfect landing, NASA’s Curiosity rover sends back its first images.

Artist's impression of Curiosity about to land on Mars

Mars landing today

NASA’s Curiosity rover is set to touch down on the Red Planet.

Transit of Venus

The year ahead in space

Here are our Top 5 space things to look forward to in 2012.

Artist's impression of Mar Science Laboratory about to enter Mars' atmosphere.

Road to Mars – Six minutes of terror!

Mars Science Laboratory will get only one shot at a safe entry, descent and landing.

Mars mission on its way!

Mars mission on its way!

Launch video of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory carrying a car-sized rover to the Red Planet.

Mars rover to launch this week

Mars rover to launch this week

Mars Science Laboratory to lift-off on Sunday, carrying the Curiosity rover to the Red Planet.

Mars rover moving closer to launch

Mars rover moving closer to launch

All the pieces are in place for the NASA Curiosity rover’s upcoming launch to Mars.