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An artist's impression of an asteroid breaking up

Asteroids are pounding a pulsar

Radio astronomers have found evidence that a tiny star called PSR J0738-4042 is being pounded by asteroids – large lumps of rock in space.

The pulsar and its companion star

The ‘missing link’ pulsar

CSIRO radio telescopes in Australia and other ground and space-based instruments, have spotted a small star undergoing a radical transformation.

Antennae of CSIRO's Compact Array telescope

Astronomers spy on galaxies in the raw

A CSIRO radio telescope has detected the raw material for making the first stars when the Universe was just three billion years old.

Australia Telescope Compact Array

Telescope takes universe’s temperature

Observations show the universe has cooled down just the way the Big Bang theory predicts.

Mopra dish

Australian dish charts where stars are born

CSIRO radio telescope studies a neighbouring galaxy for clues to the birth of stars.

Artist's impression of a pulsar

Aussie astronomer wins top prize

CSIRO researcher wins Tall Poppy Award for the hunt for gravitational waves

CSIRO's Australia Telescope Compact Array

Milky Way galaxy is a ‘snake pit’

CSIRO map of gas in our galaxy shows huge turbulence waves that look like snakes.

Artist's visualisation of the pulsar and its orbiting planet

‘The Dish’ finds a ‘diamond planet’

Astronomers think they’ve found a planet that was once a star, and is made of diamond.

A star-forming region

Galaxies are running out of gas

Universe is forming fewer stars than it used to, according to a new CSIRO study

ASKAP dish with sunlight glint

Dishes take shape in the desert

CSIRO’s super-scope, ASKAP, is taking shape in WA. We interview the man in charge…