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Cassini image of Rhea

New images of an icy world

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft snaps shots of Saturn’s moon Rhea.

Dawn image of the surface of the asteroid Vesta

Latest Dawn image of Vesta

Close-up look at the giant asteroid’s rocky, cratered surface.

The Shoemaker Impact Structure in Western Australia, seen from orbit.

Earth from Space — Outback crater

Evidence of a large meteoroid impact still scars the Western Australian desert.

LROC image of Brisbane Z crater

Wrinkles on the Moon

‘Wrinkle ridge’ divides the Brisbane Z crater on the Moon.

Elongated crater on Mars

Scars on Mars

Elongated Martian crater hints at a swift and violent origin.

Part of the Schiaparelli Basin on Mars

Crater on Mars

Martian crater is dwarfed by the colossal impact basin within which it sits.

Artist's impression of LRO

Moon’s face is a history book

Lunar craters provide new insights into the Solar System’s chaotic youth.

The surface of Saturn's moon Dione

Which moon is this?

Lots of craters, no atmosphere. Which moon is it, and to which planet does it belong?

Saturn's icy moon Dione

Saturn’s icy moon Dione

Icy terrain with wispy patterns covers one side of Saturn’s moon Dione.