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Illustration of supermassive black hole

Black holes born soon after Big Bang

First direct evidence that black holes existed when the Universe was very young.

Dark energy dilemma

Dark energy dilemma

It comprises 70% of everything, but does anybody really know what dark energy really is?

Hubble Deep Field

The outer limits

Are there limits to how far we can see in space? And are there parts of space we’ll never see?

Artist’s conception of the cosmic view a trillion years from now.

Astronomy 1 trillion years from now

Far-future astronomers will see a very different cosmos. Will they still know about the Big Bang?

A spiral galaxy

Top astronomer joins Aussie uni

Acclaimed astronomer Prof. Jeremy Mould boosts Swinburne Uni’s already high standing.

Magnetic field lines superposed on a galaxy

Sydney astronomer gets top science medal

Recognition of research into one of the unsolved mysteries of universe—magnetism.

Nebulae in space

Matter vs antimatter

Why are we made of matter instead of antimatter? A new experiment gives clues.

The all-sky microwave image of the universe made by the Planck space telescope.

Cosmic baby photo

Big Bang afterglow image shows the universe in its infant state.

Artist's impression of the Herschel Space Telescope

10-billion-year-old cosmos mapped

Herschel Space Observatory map shows where early galaxies congregated.

'Galaxy genome' project to start

‘Galaxy genome’ project to start

Super survey using Australian telescopes will build the world’s biggest data-set of galaxy details.