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Cassiopeia A and an artist's impression of a neutron star

‘Weird science’ of neutron stars

Superfluid, superconducting and super-dense, and they defy the laws of gravity.

Composite image of Arp 147

Giant ring of black holes

Collision between galaxies has spawned a wave of black hole birth.

Artist's impression of the star BP Piscium

Stellar cannibal hides it age well

A star that ate another star could be making a new generation of planets.

Core of the galaxy M87

Galactic super-volcano in action

Black hole inside galaxy M87 is blasting away gas that would otherwise form stars.

An artist's impression of the black hole

Black hole blowing bubbles

Giant gas bubble is being inflated by jets of particles from a black hole.

Supernova remnant cloud N49 in the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy.

Telescope sees shocking blue “bullet”

Object ejected from a supernova cloud is travelling at 8 million km per hour!

The Cassiopeia A supernova remnant

Dead stars get the chills

Hollywood can’t compete with neutron stars when it comes to coolness.