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Weekly space gallery for January 28, 2014

Weekly space gallery for January 28, 2014

We bring you the latest amazing astronomy and space exploration images from around the cosmos.

Image showing X-ray emission from black holes

GALLERY: Black holes galore

Every blob and dot of light you can see in this picture shows where a black hole is lurking. NASA’s NuSTAR space observatory has revealed hundreds of them scattered throughout the cosmos.

NGC 6949

Gallery: The ‘Fireworks Galaxy’

The ‘Fireworks Galaxy’, about 22 million light years from Earth, contains three of the oldest supernovae ever detected at X-ray wavelengths.

X-ray source in galaxy M83

Video: Mystery X-ray source in distant galaxy

Ultraluminous X-ray emission could be a giveaway for a new class of black hole.

Artist's impression of the interior of a supernova precursor star

Inside-out exploding star

Why did a star turn itself inside out when it blasted itself to bits?

RCW 86

Ancient supernova seen in a new light

Stellar explosion seen almost 2,000 years ago was the result of an overloaded star.

Take a tour of the Crab Nebula

Take a tour of the Crab Nebula

Vast supernova remnant harbours a magnetised neutron star, a pulsar, that emits ‘superflares’.

Illustration of supermassive black hole

Black holes born soon after Big Bang

First direct evidence that black holes existed when the Universe was very young.

The Crab Nebula

The Case of the Cosmic Crab

Famous Crab Nebula keeps astronomers guessing after emitting ‘superflares’

Eye of Sauron image of NGC 4151

Black hole in the ‘Eye of Sauron’

Supermassive black hole at the heart of a galaxy lives in a hot and violent place.