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Mimas showing Herschel Crater

Meet Mimas, the bullseye moon

Almost shattered by a titanic cosmic collision, Mimas still bears the scars.

Saturns' moon Helene

Saturn’s tiny Trojan moon

Helene circles the ringed planet in the same orbit as another moon.

Titan, Epimetheus and Saturn's rings

Life on Titan: up in the air?

Hazy atmosphere of Saturn’s big moon could hold key ingredients for life.

False-colour image of Saturn

Saturn’s eerie polar light show

Sheets of energy dance over the Ringed Planet’s north pole in a new mini-movie.

Saturn's moon Epimetheus

Saturn’s Siamese twin moons

Moon duo circles Saturn in lockstep with each other, occasionally swapping orbits.


The eruptions of Enceladus

Saturn’s frozen moon is a hotbed of activity, but with volcanoes of ice, not lava.

Saturn's moon Telesto

Saturn’s smooth operator

Telesto, a strange, small, frosted world, shares an orbit with two other moons.

Saturn as seen from the Cassini spacecraft

Moody Saturn

Dramatic image looks down on the planet with its rings edge-on to the Sun.

Close-up view of the moon Pandora

Meet the real Pandora

Forget fairytale forests and blue-skinned aliens…the real Pandora is very different.

Rhea, Prometheus and Saturn's rings

Moons with a view

Eerie images of Saturn’s moons, courtesy of NASA’s Cassini spacecraft