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Weekly space gallery for January 28, 2014

Weekly space gallery for January 28, 2014

We bring you the latest amazing astronomy and space exploration images from around the cosmos.

Image showing X-ray emission from black holes

GALLERY: Black holes galore

Every blob and dot of light you can see in this picture shows where a black hole is lurking. NASA’s NuSTAR space observatory has revealed hundreds of them scattered throughout the cosmos.

An artist's conception of a black hole generating a jet

Galactic explosion betrays black hole

A colossal explosion from the supermassive black hole at centre of our galaxy has been revealed by its reflected glow.

Artist's impression of a black hole about to devour a star

Black holes grow faster than expected

Astronomers have discovered how biggest black holes grow – and it’s not what was expected.

Artist's impression of a black hole

Black hole to destroy cloud

A giant gas cloud is about to be shredded by the black hole in the centre of our galaxy.

Animation of a rogue star

Rogue stars sail in intergalactic space

“Hypervelocity” stars ejected from the Milky Way into the emptiness between beyond.

X-ray source in galaxy M83

Video: Mystery X-ray source in distant galaxy

Ultraluminous X-ray emission could be a giveaway for a new class of black hole.

Hubble Space Telescope image of Holmberg II

Galaxy caught blowing bubbles

Hubble spots huge glowing bubbles of hot gas in a strange dwarf galaxy.

Beyond Einstein — the video

Beyond Einstein — the video

Big Bang, black holes and dark energy. Once considered dreams, they’re now reality. Watch the video…

ASKAP antennae

Milestone as radio dishes linked

Telescopes across Australasia unite to study black hole, in a forerunner of SKA operations.