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Why was Australia lit up like Christmas tree?

Why was Australia lit up like Christmas tree?

Mystery of Australia’s outback light show solved

Artist's impression of SKA dishes

SKA telescope to be split

Square Kilometre Array system to be shared between Australia-NZ and southern Africa

Aqua satellite image of fires in Western Australia

Australia from Space – Outback fires

Satellite image shows dozens of fires blazing in a remote part of Western Australia.

Astronaut image of Menindee Lakes

Australia from Space: Menindee Lakes

Iconic outback lake system seen from orbit.

NASA satellite image of the South Keeling Islands

Earth from Space – Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Paradise of low islands and coral atolls in the Indian Ocean, the barely inhabited Cocos (Keeling Islands).

Sanduleak's star

Giant star-jet astounds astronomers

Star is spitting out material in a “jet” 400 million million kilometres in length!


Australia from Space: Part 5

Satellite images of two famous Red Centre landmarks—Uluru and Lake Eyre.

Artist's impression of ASKAP dishes

Australia’s newest telescopes – bird’s eye view

New web site gives a bird’s-eye view of two new telescopes being built in Western Australia.

Satellite image of Cape York

Australia from Space: Part 4

Beautiful satellite images of the coral reefs that surround the Australian continent.

Mopra dish

Australian dish charts where stars are born

CSIRO radio telescope studies a neighbouring galaxy for clues to the birth of stars.