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ISS view of an aurora

VIDEO: Two amazing views of Planet Earth

Space Station’s-eye view of our planet as we fly over aurorae and the day-night line.

Illustration of space weather

Solar storm reaches Earth

A huge solar flare sent a storm of energy on a collision course with our planet.

Northern Lights put on a show

Northern Lights put on a show

Ghostly aerial glows delight skywatchers across the Northern Hemisphere this week.

Astronaut's view of Earth's aurora

Astronaut’s view of Earth’s aurora

Brilliant aurora bathes our planet in a green glow in this video from the Space Station.

Artist's concept of a 'hot Jupiter' planet

Exoplanets have unearthly light shows

Planets close to their stars are blasted by stellar storms, producing stunning sky displays.

Amazing aurora videos

Amazing aurora videos

Watch these incredible videos of lightshows in the night sky.

False-colour image of Saturn

Saturn’s eerie polar light show

Sheets of energy dance over the Ringed Planet’s north pole in a new mini-movie.

How long is a day on Saturn?

How long is a day on Saturn?

Answer…no one’s really sure. But the planet’s auroral “heartbeat” might hold a clue.

Solar storm heading our way

Solar storm heading our way

Eruption from the Sun due to hit Earth on Wednesday.