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Trojan asteroid 2010 TK7

We are not alone

Earth has a new neighbour, a “Trojan” asteroid that shares our orbit.

Latest Image of Vesta Captured by Dawn

Dawn mission is a rock star

Dawn spacecraft sends back first up-close image of the giant asteroid Vesta.

Artist's impression of the Dawn mission

Dawn mission reaches asteroid Vesta

NASA is celebrating the arrival of the first spacecraft to orbit a body in the asteroid belt.

Dealing with space hazards

Dealing with space hazards

How to protect against space junk, solar storms and dangerous asteroids? Watch the video…

Dawn image of Vesta

Asteroid rendezvous nears

NASA spacecraft to begin first extended study of a large asteroid next month.

Artist's impression of a collision with an asteroid

Rocky horror show in deep space

Innocent asteroid gets an unwelcome visitor who leaves the place in a mess.

Asteroid 2011 GP59

Space rock winks as it passes by

Tiny, tumbling asteroid passes close to Earth, enchanting amateur astronomers.

Illustration of a spacecraft heating part of Apophis' surface using mirrors

Tracking a dangerous asteroid

Astronomers are keeping a close eye on Apophis, which will have a near miss with Earth in 2029.

Asteroid Kleopatra

How Kleopatra gave birth to twins

Asteroid Kleopatra’s mini-moons show that mum is a bit of a wreck.

Artist's impression of an asteroid.

Another close shave for Earth

Our planet to have a “near miss” with an asteroid in October.