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Star SMSS J031300.36-670839.3

Oldest known star found by Australian astronomers

A star 6,000 light-years from Earth is the oldest yet found in the Universe, having formed in the earliest era of stars.

Star field

Digital survey to find ‘fossil’ stars

Australian research project will conduct survey of 1 billion stars and galaxies.

Dome of the 2.3-metre telescope at SSO

Million-dollar boost for Aussie telescope

Telescope team comes out of retirement to upgrade one of Australia’s workhorse telescopes.

Plasma thruster-powered spacecraft

Aussie ‘plasma thruster’ set for blast off

Australian rocket technology to help satellites travel longer and further.

Australia from space

Space boost for Aussie research

Government announces more funding for home-grown space technology projects.

Artist's impression of Giant Magellan Telescope

Aussies to help build Super Scope

Home-grown technology will boost construction of the world’s biggest optical telescope.

AITC exterior shot

Aussie space research facility launched

One-of-a-kind facility will boost Australia’s success in space science and technology.

Stars in the Milky way

Aquarius younger by billions of years

Milky Way invaded by a stream of young stars from a shattered galaxy.

Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre

Space museum for Australia

Mount Stromlo near Canberra will be home to a new astronomy and space museum.

Artist's impression of the twin GRACE satellites

Gravity mission down under

Australian researchers to play major role in new science satellite mission