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Sanduleak's star

Giant star-jet astounds astronomers

Star is spitting out material in a “jet” 400 million million kilometres in length!

Australia's night sky – amazing time-lapse film

Australia’s night sky – amazing time-lapse film

Stunning new movie shows the stars of Australia’s night sky twirling overhead as Earth rotates.

Field of galaxies

Fly through a field of galaxies

Amazing video using real data lets you fly through thousands of galaxies spread across the universe.

Visualisation of dark energy

It’s official – dark energy is real!

A century after Einstein’s ‘biggest blunder’, Aussie research shows he was right after all.

Artist’s illustration of the outflow in the heart of galaxy Markarian 231

Black hole destroys its own ‘dinner’

Hungry black hole creates a ‘wind’ that pushes its ‘food’ of dust and gas out of reach.

Artist's impression of ASKAP

Big boost for Aussie astronomy

$28.1 million provided for a new Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics

Dome of the AAT

Aussie observatory goes it alone

World-famous joint Anglo-Australian Observatory to become solely Australian

'Galaxy genome' project to start

‘Galaxy genome’ project to start

Super survey using Australian telescopes will build the world’s biggest data-set of galaxy details.

CSIRO's Mopra dish

CSIRO dish spots superstar birthplace

Giant stars are forming in a hydrogen cloud 8,000 light-years from Earth.