Links to planetaria and space theatres, big and small, throughout Australia:

Adelaide Planetarium (SA)

Ballarat Observatory 3-D Space Theatre (Vic)

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium (Qld)

Launceston Planetarium (Tas)

Melbourne Planetarium (Vic)

Perth Horizon Planetarium at Scitech (WA)

SPACETIME CosmoDome portable planetarium (WA)

Swinburne University Virtual Reality Theatre (Vic)

Sydney Observatory 3-D Space Theatre (NSW)

Wollongong Science Centre & Planetarium (NSW)

A planetarium is a magical place where you can immerse yourself in the starry heavens and journey from planet Earth to the far corners of the cosmos. Planetaria are not like they used to be in the old days — no longer do they just have a simple star projector in the centre of the theatre, accompanied by a person pointing out which star is which. These days, most planetaria have full-screen, full-colour video projection systems, surround sound and Hollywood-quality presentations.

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