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Drop test of the Orion spacecraft

VIDEO: NASA tests parachutes for Orion spacecraft

The Orion spacecraft will need huge parachutes to bring it safely back to the ground. These videos show how it will all work.

Launch of Apollo 5

Remembering Apollo 5

First test flight of the Apollo lunar module was launched 45 years ago today.

Cartoon of the Higgs boson

Video: What’s the Higgs all about?

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, this video might make it clear for you.

View of Earth from the International Space Station

Videos – Around the globe

More incredible videos of planet Earth as seen from orbit.

View of the Earth, looking down from the International Space Station.

VIDEO: Another trip around the Earth

More amazing short videos of our planet, looking down from the International Space Station.

SDO image of the Sun

Must-see video of the Sun!

Solar Dynamics Observatory celebrates it second birthday with amazing footage of solar explosions.

Cartoon of spacecraft trajectory to Mars

VIDEO: The road to Mars

One-minute video explains how NASA sends spacecraft to the Red Planet.

VIDEO: Twister on Mars!

VIDEO: Twister on Mars!

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spots an 800-metre-high dust devil scouring the Martian landscape.

ISS view of an aurora

VIDEO: Two amazing views of Planet Earth

Space Station’s-eye view of our planet as we fly over aurorae and the day-night line.

VIDEO: Tornadoes on the Sun!

VIDEO: Tornadoes on the Sun!

Amazing video shows huge vortices rising from the solar surface.