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Rosetta parent craft, descending to the comet.

Philae has landed

Following a 10-year voyage across 510 million kilometres of empty space, Europe’s Philae robot has landed on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

Watch NASA's celebrations of the Apollo 11 landing

Watch NASA’s celebrations of the Apollo 11 landing

As NASA celebrates the 45th anniversary of the first crewed lunar landing, it is taking steps along the part to its next giant leap – sending astronauts to Mars.

Drop test of the Orion spacecraft

VIDEO: NASA tests parachutes for Orion spacecraft

The Orion spacecraft will need huge parachutes to bring it safely back to the ground. These videos show how it will all work.

Expedition 38 flight members holding the Olympic torch

Olympic torch to go on a spacewalk

Two Russian cosmonauts will carry the Olympic torch when they venture outside the International Space Station Saturday tonight for a six-hour spacewalk.

Antares Rocket Launches

Antares roars into space

New US rocket completes its maiden flight, launching a simulated payload into Earth orbit.

The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft

Next-gen spacecraft on display in Florida

Prototype Orion crewed craft, and second operational Dragon cargo craft.

Launch of Apollo 5

Remembering Apollo 5

First test flight of the Apollo lunar module was launched 45 years ago today.

Artist's concept of the joint Orion/ATV module in Earth orbit

Europe/NASA join forces for next step

European service module will power NASA’s crew module on deep space missions.

Tycho crater, seen from the Surveyor 7 spacecraft

Surveyor 7: Setting the scene for Apollo

Today marks the 45th anniversary of the launch of the last Surveyor mission to the Moon.

Gloves and visor assembly worn by astronaut Neil Armstrong

The day we touched the Moon

The gloves and visor worn by Neil Armstrong are a poignant reminder of Apollo 11.