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Expedition 38 flight members holding the Olympic torch

Olympic torch to go on a spacewalk

Two Russian cosmonauts will carry the Olympic torch when they venture outside the International Space Station Saturday tonight for a six-hour spacewalk.

Artist's concept of the joint Orion/ATV module in Earth orbit

Europe/NASA join forces for next step

European service module will power NASA’s crew module on deep space missions.

Illustration of the Bigelow BEAM on the ISS

Space Station to test inflatable module

The universe is expanding, and now so it seems are the modules on the International Space Station.

ISS image of a meteor

Shooting star, seen from above

Astronauts capture image of a meteor as it burns up in Earths’ atmosphere.

Tribute to the shuttle

Tribute to the shuttle

European astronauts pay tribute to the amazing space shuttle. Watch the video…

Shuttle is dead — long live the MPCV

Shuttle is dead — long live the MPCV

The shuttle is gone, but NASA’s Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle is under development

One of the Earth-bound spiders

Space spiders coming home

After two months on the Space Station, Gladys and Esmerelda will return to Earth.

Salute to the Space Shuttle

Salute to the Space Shuttle

For 30 years, the incredible winged spacecraft has inspired the world. Watch the video…

Atlantis – the final launch

Atlantis – the final launch

Space shuttle Atlantis roars into orbit on the final flight of the programme. Watch the video…

Lift-off of space shuttle Discovery

Space shuttle – Go for launch!

Remarkable video of a space shuttle being prepared for launch and roaring into space!