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Image showing Pluto's known moons

Name Pluto’s moons

Astronomers are calling on the public to suggest names for Pluto’s two tiniest moons.

2012 DA14 trajectory past Earth

NASA to keep watch on asteroid

Asteroid 2012 DA14 will be under intense scrutiny as it zips past Earth this week.

WISE image of the Orion Nebula

GALLERY: Orion’s fiery sword

WISE space observatory reveals the hot and turbulent environment of the Orion Nebula

The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft

Next-gen spacecraft on display in Florida

Prototype Orion crewed craft, and second operational Dragon cargo craft.

Two people observing the night sky

What’s up? Night sky for February 2013

When and where to see the Moon and planets this month.

Australia Telescope Compact Array

Telescope takes universe’s temperature

Observations show the universe has cooled down just the way the Big Bang theory predicts.

Lupus 3 dark cloud

From darkness comes the light

Dark nebula is the birthplace of new stars.

Launch of Apollo 5

Remembering Apollo 5

First test flight of the Apollo lunar module was launched 45 years ago today.

Digital clock graphic showing a leap second

No giant leap for mankind

And no small one either, as we miss out on a leap second in June. So what is a leap second?

W50 supernova remnant

The Manatee Nebula

Extinct star and an endangered Earth creature have something in common.