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Artist's impression of the New Horizons spacecraft at Pluto

Hubble to search for worlds beyond Pluto

The Hubble Space Telescope is being pressed into service to find new targets for NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft to explore beyond Pluto.

Partial eclipse of the Sun on Tuesday

Partial eclipse of the Sun on Tuesday

Australians will be treated to a partial solar eclipse on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 29.

Antennae of the MWA backlit by the Sun

Australian telescope to reveal early universe

The $51 million Murchison Widefield Array radio telescope has begun operations in Australia’s outback.

Antennae of CSIRO's Compact Array telescope

Astronomers spy on galaxies in the raw

A CSIRO radio telescope has detected the raw material for making the first stars when the Universe was just three billion years old.

The projected motion of the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri

Close encounter could reveal planets

Observations of the nearest star to our Solar System might uncover the presence of Earth-sized planets.

Antares Rocket Launches

Antares roars into space

New US rocket completes its maiden flight, launching a simulated payload into Earth orbit.

Horsehead Nebula in infrared light

New view of the Horsehead Nebula

Stunning new image from the Hubble Space Telescope of one of astronomers’ favourite deep sky objects.

SOHO image of a CME

Sun sends an explosion our way

Billions of tonnes of particles were ejected by the Sun two days ago. Some were expected to reach Earth today.

MSL image of Mount Sharp

Mars: sharp image of Mount Sharp

Remarkable new panorama of mountain on Mars, and the ultimate aim for NASA’s Curiosity rover.

GALLERY: Light and dark in the Milky Way

GALLERY: Light and dark in the Milky Way

This dark interstellar cloud has a starry lining.