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Satellite image of Cape York

Australia from Space: Part 4

Beautiful satellite images of the coral reefs that surround the Australian continent.

Crepuscular rays seen from space

Earth from Space – Crepuscular rays

Rays of light and dark appear to emanate from clouds in this Space Station view.

ISS photo of Rowley Shoals

Earth from Space – Rowley Shoals

Trio of Timor Sea reefs is home to almost 1,000 species of coral and fish.

The Mediterranean region at night

Earth from Space – Night turns to day

Natural and manmade sources light up the Mediterranean, as seen from space.

Earth from Space – Videos of our World

Earth from Space – Videos of our World

Amazing views of our planet, as seen from the International Space Station.

EO-1 image of ice in Antarctica

Earth from Space – Frozen fields of Antarctica

Satellite view shows a landscape (and seascape) made of many kinds of ice.

Petermann Ice Island seen from space

Earth from Space – Petermann Ice Island

Huge chunk of Greenland’s Petermann Glacier is still drifting at sea.

Satellite image of Roze Glacier

Earth from Space – Roze Glacier

Russia’s remote Severny Island is home to the huge Roze Glacier.

Dunes in the Burqin-Haba River-Jimunai Desert

Earth from Space – Sand dunes

Huge dunes dot the desert near the borders of China, Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Landsat 7 image of the Åland Islands

Earth from Space – Åland Islands

Archipelago of thousands of islands dots the waters between Sweden and Finland.