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Artist's impression of a black hole about to devour a star

Black holes grow faster than expected

Astronomers have discovered how biggest black holes grow – and it’s not what was expected.

Andromeda, we have you surrounded

Andromeda, we have you surrounded

Swarm of dwarf galaxies detected circling the huge Andromeda galaxy, defying current theories.

Why was Australia lit up like Christmas tree?

Why was Australia lit up like Christmas tree?

Mystery of Australia’s outback light show solved

totally eclipsed Sun

Total eclipse of the Sun – November 14

Australians are about to experience nature’s most amazing spectacle

Artist's impression of SKA dishes

Australia to share in world’s largest telescope

Australian technology to power a major portion of the Square Kilometre Array telescope.

Artist's impression of SKA dishes

SKA telescope to be split

Square Kilometre Array system to be shared between Australia-NZ and southern Africa

An MWA antennae tile group

Australian SKA site producing the goods

Australia-New Zealand Square Kilometre Array site is already producing world-class results

Light shining through fibre optics

Australian research into “space glass”

Glass made in weightlessness could revolutionise fibre optics communications.

Astronaut image of Menindee Lakes

Australia from Space: Menindee Lakes

Iconic outback lake system seen from orbit.

Artist's impression of the Jabiru-1 satellite

New Australian satellite to launch

Jabiru-1 communications satellite set to 2014 aboard an Ariane 5 rocket.