Moon Gazer Beginner’s Pack 1

Pack includes:

The Moon Gazer Beginner's Pack

The Moon Gazer Beginner's Pack

  • Quality 70mm refractor telescope
  • Guidebook to the Moon (with maps)
  • Spaceflight DVD

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This fantastic Beginner’s Pack is ideal for the young astronomer, and has everything needed to get started in stargazing. Let’s look at the features…

The telescope

This quality 70mm aperture, f/10 refractor is perfect for exploring the Moon, planets and stars. It’s easy to set up and use straight out of the box.

It’ll reveal the rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter, the phases of Venus, beautiful lunar vistas, and lots more!

70mm telescope

This quality 70mm, f/10 refracting telescope is the heart of the Moon Gazer Beginner's Pack

  • Diameter/Aperture: 70mm
  • Focal Length: 700mm, f/10
  • Multi-coated achromatic objective lens
  • Aluminium tube
  • Dew cap/sunshade
  • Adjustable objective-lens cell
  • Includes finderscope for easy location of objects
  • Eyepieces: 10mm and 25mm
  • Highest practical power: 283x
  • Mirror star diagonal
  • Smooth rack-and-pinion 1.25″ focuser
  • 36% more light gathering power than a standard 60mm
  • Tripod: Pre-assembled for quick and easy use
  • Mount: Terrestrial AZ2

Don’t mistake this for the poor-quality telescopes you find in many department stores. This is a quality instrument that comes with 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

(Note: May be supplied in black & white as shown in the image at right or in conventional blue and black depending on stock availability.)

The book

Exploring the Moon by Steve Massey book

An excellent guide to the Moon, written specially for Southern Hemisphere observers.

Exploring the Moon – by Steve Massey

Written and published in Australia, this comprehensive yet compact guide contains a wealth of fascinating insights into our nearest celestial neighbour, presented with Southern Hemisphere observers in mind.

Exploring the Moon takes you on a nightly journey across the lunar surface, providing useful tips on how to explore the most prominent features visible with small- to medium-sized telescopes. Full colour charts of the lunar surface help you identify craters, valleys, mountains and many other features.

Packed with interesting facts, diagrams, illustrations and a plethora of useful information about telescopes and accessories, Exploring the Moon is the ultimate pocket guide to the Moon for Southern Hemisphere observers.

If you’d like your copy signed by the author, please advise at time of purchase.


Spaceflight DVD

Perfect for cloudy nights, this top-quality astronomy DVD is packed full of features.

Taking you on a journey from the beginning of the Space Race to the current era of exploration with the Hubble Space Telescope, this fascinating DVD comprises 8 documentaries to keep you occupied on cloudy nights. Features include:

  • Historical Highlights
  • Apollo 11 first men on moon
  • Apollo 17 last men on moon
  • Skylab – Astronaut activity
  • In Earth Orbit – Earth views
  • Astro Smiles – Space shuttle
  • Astronauts’ Slideshow
  • The International Space Station

The Moon Gazer Beginner’s Pack 1 will open your young astronomer’s eyes the joy of discovery. It’s an educational and fun gift that will encourage them to explore even further!

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