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SpaceInfo brings you a hand-picked selection of news and images from the fields of astronomy and space exploration, updated daily.

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Because we’re based in Australia, we like to have a bit of a focus on news from this region. There are lots of exciting developments happening in Australasian astronomy at the moment, including the incredible Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) telescope being built in the remote Outback.

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SpaceInfo is run by me, Jonathan Nally. I’m a Sydney, Australia-based science writer and media presenter specialising in astronomy and space sciences. This has been my field for 30 years, including formerly as the founder and editor of Sky & Space magazine and now editor of Australian Sky & Telescope magazine.

I also appear as an expert commentator for numerous print, radio and television outlets. You can often hear me on radio and see me on television shows such The Today Show and The Weekend Today Show (Nine Network).

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