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Australia Telescope Compact Array

Telescope takes universe’s temperature

Observations show the universe has cooled down just the way the Big Bang theory predicts.

Lupus 3 dark cloud

From darkness comes the light

Dark nebula is the birthplace of new stars.

Launch of Apollo 5

Remembering Apollo 5

First test flight of the Apollo lunar module was launched 45 years ago today.

Digital clock graphic showing a leap second

No giant leap for mankind

And no small one either, as we miss out on a leap second in June. So what is a leap second?

W50 supernova remnant

The Manatee Nebula

Extinct star and an endangered Earth creature have something in common.

Artist's concept of the joint Orion/ATV module in Earth orbit

Europe/NASA join forces for next step

European service module will power NASA’s crew module on deep space missions.

Illustration of the Bigelow BEAM on the ISS

Space Station to test inflatable module

The universe is expanding, and now so it seems are the modules on the International Space Station.

Josh Lake's image of LHA 120-N11

Hubble spots a hidden treasure

Nearly 200,000 light-years from Earth, glowing gas clouds are collapsing to form new stars.

Artist's impression of a black hole about to devour a star

Black holes grow faster than expected

Astronomers have discovered how biggest black holes grow – and it’s not what was expected.

Earth-sized planets common in the Milky Way

Earth-sized planets common in the Milky Way

Data from NASA’s Kepler mission indicates many Sun-like stars have planets not much bigger than Earth.