Transit of Venus – viewing in Melbourne

ON WEDNESDAY JUNE 6, Venus will line up directly with the Sun and we’ll see the planet as a small black dot tracking across the bright Sun.

It’s an astronomical curiosity today, but in times past it prompted major scientific expeditions. Men devoted their lives to the transit – some were successful and there were also many tales of despair – as they tried to unlock the true size of the Solar System.

The transit in June will be the last in our lifetimes. No one will witness this event again until 2117, and people in Melbourne are perfectly placed to see it.

Join Dr Tanya Hill for breakfast and witness this once in our lifetime event. See the moment when Venus crosses onto the Sun and discover the stories and history that surround this momentous event.

This special event includes telescope viewing, a presentation highlighting the stories surrounding the transit and a light breakfast.

Please note: This event will go ahead regardless of the weather conditions. In the case of bad weather an alternative program will be offered including the Planetarium show “Guiding Lights”, an extended talk by Dr Tanya Hill, the Planetarium’s astronomer and supplemented by footage from other locations in Australia or off-shore via a live feed.

Tickets are strictly limited, so book early!

More information: Melbourne Planetarium Transit of Venus viewing

Adapted from information issued by Melbourne Planetarium.

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