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Artist's concepts of Spitzer, Planck and Kepler

Three space missions extended

Kepler, Spitzer and Planck telescopes get extra time in space.

Fornax dwarf galaxy

Dark matter search narrows

“Missing in action” WIMPs rule out certain types of dark matter.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden

NASA head visits Australia

Astronaut Charles Bolden shares his vision for space with Australian students

Artist's impression of the interior of a supernova precursor star

Inside-out exploding star

Why did a star turn itself inside out when it blasted itself to bits?

VIDEO: Twister on Mars!

VIDEO: Twister on Mars!

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spots an 800-metre-high dust devil scouring the Martian landscape.

ISS view of an aurora

VIDEO: Two amazing views of Planet Earth

Space Station’s-eye view of our planet as we fly over aurorae and the day-night line.

VIDEO: Tornadoes on the Sun!

VIDEO: Tornadoes on the Sun!

Amazing video shows huge vortices rising from the solar surface.

LAUNCH VIDEO: Australian defence satellite

LAUNCH VIDEO: Australian defence satellite

Intelsat 22 will provide communications boost for the Australian Defence Force.