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An MWA antennae tile group

Australian SKA site producing the goods

Australia-New Zealand Square Kilometre Array site is already producing world-class results

Cassini image of Titan and Dione

Views of Moons

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft snaps intriguing images of Saturn’s moons.

SDO image of the Sun

Must-see video of the Sun!

Solar Dynamics Observatory celebrates it second birthday with amazing footage of solar explosions.

LRO image of the Apollo 11 landing site

In the footsteps of Apollo 11

Lunar orbiter spots the famous lunar module and experiments on the Moon’s surface.

Hubble image of 30 Doradus

Hubble’s birthday view of starbirth nebula

Stunning new view of stellar breeding ground, deep in the southern sky.

Artist's impression of the Dragon spacecraft in orbit.

Cargo capsule set for launch

Dragon to lift-off at the end of the month, on a mission to the Space Station.

Light shining through fibre optics

Australian research into “space glass”

Glass made in weightlessness could revolutionise fibre optics communications.

Astronaut image of Menindee Lakes

Australia from Space: Menindee Lakes

Iconic outback lake system seen from orbit.

Cartoon of spacecraft trajectory to Mars

VIDEO: The road to Mars

One-minute video explains how NASA sends spacecraft to the Red Planet.

Graphic of Vixen Polarie with sky photograph background

NEW PRODUCT: Vixen Polarie Star Tracker

Take sky shots quickly and easily with this new, compact star tracking unit.