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VIDEO: When worlds (seem to) collide

VIDEO: When worlds (seem to) collide

Watch as Mars’ moon Phobos glides by the Solar System’s biggest planet, Jupiter.

Star trails over an observatory

What’s up? Night sky for April 2012

When and where to see the Moon and planets this month.

The trails of the five ATREX sounding rockets captured in a time-lapse photo.

Rocket volley to study the atmosphere

Five rockets launched in quick succession lit up the sky as they headed for the top of the atmosphere.

Artist's impression of a planet circling a red dwarf star

Billions of super-Earths “out there”

Our galaxy’s faint red stars are thought to harbour billions of planets only slightly bigger than Earth.

Path of a simulated minimoon

Earth’s other moons

Earth usually has more than one moon, say astronomers.

Hermes spaceplane

Space foil helps build safer cars

Spin-off sensor technology from spaceplane research is now used in car crash tests.

Unknown objects at the limits

Unknown objects at the limits

NASA telescope finds hundreds of new objects, and astronomers have no idea what they are.

Artist's impression of the Jabiru-1 satellite

New Australian satellite to launch

Jabiru-1 communications satellite set to 2014 aboard an Ariane 5 rocket.

Cassini image of Rhea

New images of an icy world

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft snaps shots of Saturn’s moon Rhea.

Illustration of space weather

Solar storm reaches Earth

A huge solar flare sent a storm of energy on a collision course with our planet.