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Northern Lights put on a show

Northern Lights put on a show

Ghostly aerial glows delight skywatchers across the Northern Hemisphere this week.

Artist's concept of the KOI-961 system

Mini-Solar System has smallest planets found so far

NASA’s Kepler mission has found three planets smaller than Earth circling a dim, red star.

Oblique ISS view of Livingston Island and Deception Island

Earth from Space: Sideways view of Antarctica

Amazing view from space shows Livingston and Deception Islands, in Antarctica.

The Omega Nebula

Gallery: The Omega Nebula

One of the Milky Way’s youngest and most active stellar nurseries for massive stars.

Satellite image of a volcanic eruption in the Zubair Group

Earth from Space – Eruption in the Red Sea

Dramatic image of a volcanic eruption in the middle of one of the world’s busiest waterways.

NASA satellite image of the South Keeling Islands

Earth from Space – Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Paradise of low islands and coral atolls in the Indian Ocean, the barely inhabited Cocos (Keeling Islands).


Galaxy at the dawn of time

NASA space telescopes help spot a rare galaxy, as it was when the universe was young.

Sanduleak's star

Giant star-jet astounds astronomers

Star is spitting out material in a “jet” 400 million million kilometres in length!

Stargazers with telescopes at night

What’s up? Night sky for January 2012

When and where to see the Moon and planets this month.

Galaxy NGC 253

Gallery – The Sculptor Galaxy

Also known as the Silver Dollar, this “starburst” galaxy is 11.5 million light-years away.