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Artist's impression of Mar Science Laboratory about to enter Mars' atmosphere.

Road to Mars – Six minutes of terror!

Mars Science Laboratory will get only one shot at a safe entry, descent and landing.

Artist's impression of a red giant star

Our Sun can expect inner turmoil in old age

Old stars found to be on a “go slow” on the outside, but fast on the inside.

Artist's impression of ASKAP dishes

Australia’s newest telescopes – bird’s eye view

New web site gives a bird’s-eye view of two new telescopes being built in Western Australia.

NGC 300

Aussie tech helps telescopes “see in the dark”

Breakthrough system promises to help telescopes see more clearly through Earth’s atmosphere.

Satellite image of Cape York

Australia from Space: Part 4

Beautiful satellite images of the coral reefs that surround the Australian continent.

Artist's conception illustrates Kepler-22b

Kepler finds planet in the habitable zone

NASA’s planet-hunting space telescope confirms “super Earth” discovery.

Video – The Sun unleashes its fury

Video – The Sun unleashes its fury

Amazing footage of titanic explosions on the surface of the Sun.

Keck Observatory

18 new giant planets found

Largest single announcement of planets discovered orbiting stars bigger than our Sun.

Mopra dish

Australian dish charts where stars are born

CSIRO radio telescope studies a neighbouring galaxy for clues to the birth of stars.

ISS view of Earth's limb with the Moon in the background

Gallery — Moon through the murk

Stunning image shows the Moon appearing to hover behind the layers of Earth’s atmosphere.