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Artist's impression of the GRAIL spacecraft in lunar orbit

Moon mission set to begin in New Year

Dynamic duo GRAIL spacecraft set to arrive in lunar orbit at the beginning of January.

Earth from Space – Videos of our World, Pt 2

Earth from Space – Videos of our World, Pt 2

More spectacular videos of our planet as seen from orbit.

Artist's conception of the Dream Chaser spacecraft

Gallery – NASA’s next spacecraft options

Designs compete to replace the space shuttle as a way into low Earth orbit.

Comet Lovejoy over Santiago de Chile

Comet wows earthlings and astronauts

Comet discovered by Australian amateur astronomer puts on a brilliant sky show.

Artist's impression of Kepler-20e

First Earth-size planets orbiting a Sun-like star

NASA’s Kepler mission finds the smallest planets ever confirmed circling a star like our Sun.

Stratolaunch – a new way to get into space!

Stratolaunch – a new way to get into space!

Flight into orbit could soon begin with a flight into the air aboard a double-sized jumbo jet!

Artist's impression of the European Extremely Large Telescope

World’s biggest telescope a step closer

Work to commence on European Extremely Large Telescope site in Chile.


Australia from Space: Part 5

Satellite images of two famous Red Centre landmarks—Uluru and Lake Eyre.

"Vampire star" devouring its companion

“Vampire star” devouring its companion

Best-ever images of a binary system with one star cannibalising the other.

Lunar eclipse

Get ready for the total lunar eclipse!

Australasian skywatchers will be treated to a total eclipse of the Moon on Dec 10/11.