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EO-1 image of ice in Antarctica

Earth from Space – Frozen fields of Antarctica

Satellite view shows a landscape (and seascape) made of many kinds of ice.

Video – Satellites sent into orbit

Video – Satellites sent into orbit

Two satellites launched together on a huge Ariane 5 rocket. Watch the video…

Journey to the Sun!

Journey to the Sun!

Risky mission will get up close and personal with our nearest star. Watch the video…

Rover's eye view of Mars

Rover’s eye view of Mars

Come on a drive across the plains of Mars, as seen by NASA’s intrepid rover Opportunity.

CSIRO's Australia Telescope Compact Array

Milky Way galaxy is a ‘snake pit’

CSIRO map of gas in our galaxy shows huge turbulence waves that look like snakes.

Artist's impression of a black hole

Aussie shares Nobel Prize for physics

Discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe leads to top physics prize.

Petermann Ice Island seen from space

Earth from Space – Petermann Ice Island

Huge chunk of Greenland’s Petermann Glacier is still drifting at sea.

Satellite image of Roze Glacier

Earth from Space – Roze Glacier

Russia’s remote Severny Island is home to the huge Roze Glacier.

Fried Egg Nebula

Fried Egg nebula home to hypergiant

Rare class of ‘yellow hypergiant’ star lives at the centre of this weird nebula.

Herschel telescope reveals invisible cosmos

Herschel telescope reveals invisible cosmos

Most powerful infrared space telescope studies some of the coldest objects in space.