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Hubble Space Telescope image of Holmberg II

Galaxy caught blowing bubbles

Hubble spots huge glowing bubbles of hot gas in a strange dwarf galaxy.

Astronaut's view of Earth's aurora

Astronaut’s view of Earth’s aurora

Brilliant aurora bathes our planet in a green glow in this video from the Space Station.

Dunes in the Burqin-Haba River-Jimunai Desert

Earth from Space – Sand dunes

Huge dunes dot the desert near the borders of China, Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Hubble's replacement put to the test

Hubble’s replacement put to the test

James Webb Space Telescope gets a taste of space in NASA’s vacuum test chamber.

Landsat 7 image of the Åland Islands

Earth from Space – Åland Islands

Archipelago of thousands of islands dots the waters between Sweden and Finland.

UARS graphic

Satellite re-entry poses no danger

NASA satellite about to burn up in the atmosphere is no threat to life or property.

ISS image of the Moon

Moon sinks into the gloom

Astronaut’s view of the Moon sinking below Earth’s horizon.

Stars and nebulae in the Milky Way

New way of looking at the sky

Australian astronomy centre will take a ‘big picture’ approach to studying the cosmos.

Landsat image of the Blue Mountains

Australia from Space – The Blue Mountains

Satellite photo shows the dramatic landscape of the mountains west of Sydney.

Juno spacecraft image of Earth and Moon

Rare view of Earth and Moon

Jupiter-bound spacecraft looks back at its home world and its nearest neighbour.