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Solar flare heads for Earth

Solar flare heads for Earth

A huge X-class solar flare erupted on August 9, and it was aimed at Earth.

Galaxy NGC 3521

Gallery: A fluffy galaxy

NGC 3521 has patchy spiral arms, making it good example of a ‘flocculent’ galaxy.

Mars rover moving closer to launch

Mars rover moving closer to launch

All the pieces are in place for the NASA Curiosity rover’s upcoming launch to Mars.

Star clusters discovered using VISTA

Hidden star groups uncovered

Telescope uncovers almost 100 star clusters hidden behind dust in the Milky Way.

Dawn image of the surface of the asteroid Vesta

Latest Dawn image of Vesta

Close-up look at the giant asteroid’s rocky, cratered surface.

Dark flows on Mars

Red Planet goes with the flow

Mars’ habitability prospects boosted by evidence for flowing, salty water.

LEGO figure and artist's impression of the Juno mission

LEGO and Galileo go to Jupiter!

Famous crewmembers will make the journey to Jupiter aboard NASA’s Juno probe.

Juno Mission – Unlocking Jupiter's secrets

Juno Mission – Unlocking Jupiter’s secrets

NASA probe to launch this week on a mission to the Solar System’s largest planet.

Beyond Einstein — the video

Beyond Einstein — the video

Big Bang, black holes and dark energy. Once considered dreams, they’re now reality. Watch the video…

Two massive solar eruptions

Two massive solar eruptions

NASA spacecraft captures video of two huge explosions streaming out from the Sun.