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Lake Frome seen from space

Australia from Space: Part 3

Scenes from across the sunburnt country—salt lakes and red dunes.

Galaxy cluster

Cosmic expansion rate confirmed

Hubble constant measured using new method, boosting confidence in cosmology

Trojan asteroid 2010 TK7

We are not alone

Earth has a new neighbour, a “Trojan” asteroid that shares our orbit.

The Shoemaker Impact Structure in Western Australia, seen from orbit.

Earth from Space — Outback crater

Evidence of a large meteoroid impact still scars the Western Australian desert.

Tribute to the shuttle

Tribute to the shuttle

European astronauts pay tribute to the amazing space shuttle. Watch the video…

Artist's impression of dishes that will make up the SKA radio telescope.

Radio astronomy protected in Western Australia

New regulations will protect Australia’s new super ‘scopes from radio interference.

Shuttle is dead — long live the MPCV

Shuttle is dead — long live the MPCV

The shuttle is gone, but NASA’s Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle is under development

Artist's concept of a 'hot Jupiter' planet

Exoplanets have unearthly light shows

Planets close to their stars are blasted by stellar storms, producing stunning sky displays.

Satellite image of a trio of storms in the Atlantic

Earth from Space —Triple trouble in the Atlantic

Weather satellite keeps its eye on three giant storms in the Atlantic Ocean.

ISS photo of space shuttle Atlantis re-entering Earth's atmosphere

Shuttle re-entry seen from space!

Space Station crewmembers photographed Atlantis on her way home.