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Artist’s impression of quasar ULAS J1120+0641

Most distant quasar found

Black hole-powered galaxy spotted when the universe was still in its infancy.

Telescope inside a dome at night

What’s up? Night sky for July 2011

Where and when to see the Moon and planets this month.

Artist's impression of a neutron star partially devouring a massive clump of matter.

Neutron star bites off more than it can chew

Huge X-ray flare seen as a dense star gobbles up part of another star.

Mars mission launch gets closer

Mars mission launch gets closer

Rover the size of a small car, set to launch for Mars later this year. Watch the video…

Dawn image of Vesta

Asteroid rendezvous nears

NASA spacecraft to begin first extended study of a large asteroid next month.

Nebula surrounding Betelgeuse

Superstar spreads its wings

Vast nebula seen surrounding the famous supergiant star, Betelgeuse.

Artist's impression of an Optus satellite in orbit

Satellites needed for NBN

Australia will need 2 or 3 extra satellites if the National Broadband Network is to succeed.

Close-up image of the central region of NGC 5128

Hubble sees a southern wonder

Famous southern galaxy gets the Hubble scrutiny in a superb new image

Engineers and technicians with some of the JWST's mirror segments

Chilly test for new space telescope

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope completes its first round of cryogenic testing

Artist's impression of a star being eaten by a black hole

Black hole eats a star

High-energy flash in distant galaxy was a star’s death throes, say astronomers.