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Stargazers looking at the sky

What’s up? Night sky for May 2011

When and where to see the Moon and planets this month, including the planetary alignment.

Artist's impression of dishes that will make up the SKA radio telescope.

More funding for Aus-NZ Super Scope bid

Federal budget gives an extra $40 million to support bid to the host the Square Kilometre Array.

First eight ALMA dishes

Dish complex will study ‘cool’ cosmos

The ALMA network is taking shape five kilometres above sea level in Chile.

Astronaut photo of the Petermann Ranges

Australia from space

Outback scenes, in images taken from the International Space Station.

Artist's impression of a star with an accretion disc

10-year plan for space research

NASA should study weird matter, quantum gases and other strange stuff, says a new report.

Artist's impression of a mission to Mars

Space travel could kill you

Deep space radiation might be deadly to your arteries, say researchers.

Artist's impression of gravitational waves

Did the early cosmos have one dimension?

We have 3 dimensions now, but did the past have fewer? And will there be more in future?

Super Science with the SKA

Super Science with the SKA

Australian astronomers eagerly anticipate the science they’ll do with the SKA. Watch the video…

Lagoon Nebula's 'Southern Cliff'

Stellar nursery is a cliffhanger

Lagoon Nebula is home to a chaotic environment where new stars are being born.

Amazing aurora videos

Amazing aurora videos

Watch these incredible videos of lightshows in the night sky.