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Andromeda Galaxy

Star that changed the universe

Pulsating star inspired Hubble’s view of a huge, expanding universe.

A nebula and stars

Star Aussie student wins astronomy prize

UPDATED: Recycling old stars into new stars and planets is the focus of research.

Spidernauts make a home in space!

Spidernauts make a home in space!

Two orb-weaving spiders are settling in to their new home aboard the Space Station.

Kimberley shoreline, Western Australia

Australia from Space: Part 2

Shorelines around the Australian continent, as seen from the International Space Station.

Visualisation of dark energy

It’s official – dark energy is real!

A century after Einstein’s ‘biggest blunder’, Aussie research shows he was right after all.

The Crab Nebula

The Case of the Cosmic Crab

Famous Crab Nebula keeps astronomers guessing after emitting ‘superflares’

Bruce McCandless flying free with an MMU

Flying free in space

It’s been 27 years since astronauts first flew free in space.

Endeavour tribute graphic

Endeavour sets sail on final voyage

Perfect launch for the shuttle Endeavour, heading for a rendezvous with the Space Station.

Endeavour's final voyage

Endeavour’s final voyage

Second-last space shuttle mission, carrying an antimatter detector to the Space Station.

Surface of the Moon

Our damaged, wrinkly Moon

The Moon’s rough ‘wrinkles’ reveal important clues to its past.