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Galaxy NGC 5584

Hubble bursts dark energy bubble

Giant cosmic bubble ruled out as explanation for dark energy and accelerating universe.

MRO image of Opportunity rover at Santa Maria crater

Red rover’s Santa Maria visions

NASA’s intrepid Opportunity rover spotted from orbit as it explores the Red Planet.

Comet Halley's nucleus

The day we met Halley

It’s 25 years since our first close-up look at the famous Halley’s comet. Watch the video…

Eye of Sauron image of NGC 4151

Black hole in the ‘Eye of Sauron’

Supermassive black hole at the heart of a galaxy lives in a hot and violent place.

Illustration of a spacecraft heating part of Apophis' surface using mirrors

Tracking a dangerous asteroid

Astronomers are keeping a close eye on Apophis, which will have a near miss with Earth in 2029.

MWA antennae

Aussies unite for outback astronomy

Scientists and companies are busily building the next generation of radio telescopes in the remote desert.

Artist's impression of the Juno mission

Jupiter mission – 5 months ’til launch

NASA’s Juno spacecraft, set for launch in August, will study the Solar System’s largest planet.

A spiral galaxy

Top astronomer joins Aussie uni

Acclaimed astronomer Prof. Jeremy Mould boosts Swinburne Uni’s already high standing.

Image showing Rhea, Dione and Saturn's rings

Saturn’s three-in-one

Remarkable image shows two of Saturn’s moons and its rings in the one shot.

Part of the Veil Nebula

Ghostly veil in space

The Veil Nebula is part of a huge gas bubble known as the Cygnus Loop.