Saturn’s three-in-one

Image showing Rhea, Dione and Saturn's rings

This image shows two of Saturn's moons—Rhea (foreground, top) and Dione (background)—with the planet's famous rings in between.

THIS IMAGE ISN’T made up. It’s a real shot from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, showing three components of the Saturnian system in the one frame.

In the foreground at top is the south polar area of Saturn’s moon Rhea. In the background is another moon, Dione, with Saturn’s almost edge-on rings in between.

Visible on Dione is its famous light-coloured ‘wispy’ terrain.

Rhea is 1,528 kilometres in diameter, and Dione is 1,123 kilometres wide.

At the moment the image was taken, on January 11, 2011, the Cassini spacecraft was about 61,000 kilometres from Rhea and 924,000 kilometres from Dione.

Detail down to a resolution of 358 is visible on Rhea, and to a resolution of six kilometres on Dione.

Story copyright 2011 Jonathan Nally, Image courtesy NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute.

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