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Red giant star

Starquakes reveal stars’ inner secrets

Discovery leads to new insights into how stars evolve.

Artist's impression of Cygnus X-1

Saved from black hole doom

Need to escape from a black hole? Magnetic fields could be your only hope.

Planetary nebula NGC 6826

Ghostly green eye

Spooky planetary nebula reveals the final stages of a star’s life.

Artist's impression of astronauts on a Martian moon

NASA’s new target – asteroids!

Astronauts could be exploring a rocky asteroid within 15 years. Watch the video…

Space umbrella to protect new telescope

Space umbrella to protect new telescope

Giant new space telescope will need a huge sunshield to keep it cool. Watch the video…

Artist’s impression of CFBDSIR 1458+10

Really cool stars

Move over Hollywood, astronomers have spotted what could be the coldest star yet found.


Diamond stars in a sea of colour

Hubble shows a cluster of sparkling stars carving a niche inside billowing clouds of gas.

NGC 6729

Toddler stars tear up the nursery

Newborn stars are demolishing the gas clouds from which they formed.

Large Magellanic Cloud

Cosmic tails betray a close encounter

Two nearby galaxies got up close and friendly about 1.2 billion years ago.

Artist's impression of MESSENGER spacecraft in orbit at Mercury

Countdown to Mercury

NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft to reach the smallest, hottest, densest planet on Friday.