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Artist's impression of WASP 12b

The carbon planet

Jupiter-sized planet, and one of the hottest known, forces a rethink of how planets form.

Galaxy NGC1407

Giant galaxies are like ‘snowflakes’

Huge galaxies are born in much the same way as delicate snowflakes, new research shows.

Artist's impression of a black hole

How to spot a spinning black hole

Twists in space-time near black holes should be visible from Earth, say researchers.

Saturn's moon Enceladus

Enceladus – Saturn’s shiny moon

At just 504km wide, a fresh coating of icy particles keeps Enceladus looking like new.

MESSENGER “family portrait” of our Solar System

Solar System portrait, inside looking out

MESSENGER spacecraft captures the first portrait of our Solar System from the inside looking out.

Ebon Atoll seen from space

Tropical atoll seen from orbit

Tiny, delicate Ebon Atoll lies deep in the Pacific in the Marshall Islands chain.

Launch of ATV-2 seen from the ISS

Rocket launch seen from space

Incredible photo taken by Space Station astronaut shows Ariane 5 rocket launching into orbit.

Discovery set to launch this week

Discovery set to launch this week

Space shuttle Discovery is getting ready to fly its last mission. Watch the videos…

Hubble image of NGC 2841

Dusty galaxy shows off its spirals

Hubble produces a new image of a spectacular spiral galaxy 46 million light-years from Earth.

Italian in orbit

Italian in orbit

Paolo Nespoli is spending six months aboard the Space Station. Watch the video…