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Designing capsules for space

Designing capsules for space

NASA video explains how engineers come up with manned space capsule designs.

Silhouette of people with telescopes

What’s up? Night sky for March 2011

When and where to see the Moon and planets this month.

Artist’s illustration of the outflow in the heart of galaxy Markarian 231

Black hole destroys its own ‘dinner’

Hungry black hole creates a ‘wind’ that pushes its ‘food’ of dust and gas out of reach.

ATV docks with Space Station

ATV docks with Space Station

Europe’s cargo spacecraft arrives at the International Space Station. Watch the video…

Artist's impression of the SKA

Leaders praise Aus-NZ SKA bid

Prime Ministers laud the merits of Auz-NZ’s bid to host the Square Kilometre Array telescope.

NGC 1300

Is gravity wrong?

Galaxy study challenges standard theory of gravity and the existence of dark matter.

Amateur astronomy milestone

Amateur astronomy milestone

Stargazers monitoring special stars have racked up their 20 millionth observation.

Discovery's final flight

Discovery’s final flight

All systems are go for space shuttle Discovery’s final mission. Watch the preview video…

Cassiopeia A and an artist's impression of a neutron star

‘Weird science’ of neutron stars

Superfluid, superconducting and super-dense, and they defy the laws of gravity.

Asteroid Kleopatra

How Kleopatra gave birth to twins

Asteroid Kleopatra’s mini-moons show that mum is a bit of a wreck.