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Square Kilometre Array is coming

Square Kilometre Array is coming

World’s largest radio telescope will answer fundamental cosmic questions. Watch the video…

Total lunar eclipse today

Total lunar eclipse today

Stargazers in some parts of the world will be treated to a lunar spectacle today.

SOFIA observatory

Airborne observatory reaches milestone

NASA-German SOFIA flying observatory makes its first science flights.

Artificial lighting on Earth at Night

Night light is bad for you

Nighttime light pollution leads to more air pollution, say scientists.

Artist's impression of exoplanets

Join the hunt for alien planets!

Astronomers need you to help find Earth-like worlds, using simple a Web-based tool.

Artist's impression of Qatar-1b

Qatar-led team finds its first alien world

International team finds a “hot Jupiter” planet 550 light-years from Earth.

Hubble and Chandra image of SNR B0509-67.5

Hubble’s cosmic bauble

Hubble Space Telescope spots a giant supernova shell in a nearby galaxy.

Artist's impression of a Voyager spacecraft

Voyager sees solar wind run out of puff

Weather forecast for Voyager 1…calm, but with cold patches expected in four years.

An artist's impression of one of the planets in the HR 8799 system.

Fourth planet found in Solar System look-alike

Astronomers discover and image a new planet in a system very similar to our own.

Amazing shuttle launch video!

Amazing shuttle launch video!

NASA engineer shows us shuttle launches from every angle, in a new 45-min video.