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Artist’s impression of HIP 13044 b

Alien invader from another galaxy!

Planet detected orbiting a star that came from outside our Milky Way galaxy.

Matusevich Glacier iceberg calves

Iceberg’s break from Matusevich Glacier

NASA satellite spots large icebergs calving from a glacier in East Antarctica.

Apollo image of Earthrise over the limb of the Moon

Moon’s backside is bulging!

Why there is a big bulge on the far side of Moon? Mathematicians think they know.

Astronaut photo shows city lights along the River Nile and southern Mediterranean

The Nile at Night

Amazing orbital view of city lights along the River Nile and southern Mediterranean.

Artist's impression of a microquasar

‘Russian doll’ galaxy shows black holes’ true power

New CSIRO research shows black holes are more powerful than first thought.

Artist's impression of an exoplanet

Colourful search for alien Earths

Astronomers say that a planet’s “true colours” can reveal important details.

Artist's concept of TIMED spacecraft

“Gateway to space” mission lives on

NASA satellite studying Earth’s outer atmosphere is given a mission extension.

Artist's impression of a gamma-ray burst

Aussie telescope spots cosmic cataclysm

Zadko telescope first in the world to study a powerful cosmic explosion.

Artist's impression of ASKAP antennae

“Super scope” takes shape in the Outback

CSIRO telescope project gathers pace with the first 6 of 36 antennae now built.

SKAMP telescope

CSIRO “hot rods” old telescope

Aussie radio telescope gets a major upgrade for the 21st century.