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Atoms-for-Peace galaxy

Atom smasher in deep space

Oddly named Atoms-for-Peace galaxy is actually two galaxies colliding.

Artist's impression of the SKA

Aussie astronomy supercomputer in Top 100

$80m supercomputer project will boost Australian astronomy and other sciences.

Australia from space

Australia back in the space race

New satellite and space engineering centre aims to boost Australia’s role in space.

AUT dishes at Warkworth

Tasman link boosts “superscope” bid

Astronomers in New Zealand and Australia now have an even closer connection.

Eskimo Nebula

Cosmic eyes staring back at us

Called planetary nebulae, they’re the death throes of stars. We present Hubble’s Top 10…


Jupiter gets its stripe back

Dark cloud band that faded out early this year could be making a comeback.

Artist's impression of OGLE-LMC-CEP0227

Pulsating star mystery solved

Lucky stellar alignment enables astronomers to test competing theories.

The Andromeda Galaxy

Intergalactic pile-up, but no witnesses

Nearby galaxies could have arisen from a deep space pile-up billions of years ago

Magnified view of NGC 4150's core

Old galaxies get their second wind

Hubble shows that galaxies thought to be in their twilight years, are undergoing regrowth.

NGC 1514

Cosmic jellyfish afloat in starry sea

It looks like a deep-sea creature, but it’s actually the last gasp of a dying star.