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Artist's impression of Earth-like planets

Earth-sized Planets could be everywhere

Nearly one in four Sun-like stars may host planets as small as Earth.

Explorers on Mars

Mission to Mars – a one-way trip?

Professors urge one-way Martian colonisation missions to cut costs.

Planetary nebula NGC 6210

A dying star’s farewell show

Colourful clouds of gas surround the dying ember of a Sun-like star.

Artist’s concept of an exoplanet and its moon transiting a star

How to weigh a star using a moon

New way to accurately determine the size and mass of stars and planets

Artist's impression of LCROSS about to impact the Moon

Moon’s buried treasure uncovered

Lunar impact missions reveal treasure trove of ice and other useful chemicals.

Galaxy NGC 3982

Hubble sees a mini-Milky Way

Spiral galaxy 68 million light-years away is full of newborn stars.

Artist's concept of Deep Impact encounter

Encounter with a comet

NASA’s EPOXI mission is hurtling toward a rendezvous with Comet Hartley 2

Monoceros R2

Unicorn cloud reveals its inner self

Peering into the heart of a stellar nursery in the constellation Monoceros, the Unicorn.

Simulation of a star-forming galaxy

Aussie student finds ‘living dinosaurs’ in space

Ancient type of galaxy has been found to exist in today’s universe.

Titan, Epimetheus and Saturn's rings

Life on Titan: up in the air?

Hazy atmosphere of Saturn’s big moon could hold key ingredients for life.